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About the Company

With effect from 1 April 2019, the KME Group has sold its brass division, situated in Berlin/Germany, Serravalle/ Italy and Boisthorel/France as well as the tube mills in Menden/Germany and Barcelona/Spain to Zhejiang Hailiang Co. Ltd. The takeover of these activities resulted in the following name changes:


Menden: KME Germany GmbH & Co. KG»         HME Copper Germany GmbH
Berlin: KME Brass Germany GmbH»         HME Brass Germany GmbH
Boisthorel: KME Brass France SAS»         HME Brass France SAS
Serravalle: KME Brass Italy S.p.A»         HME Brass Italy S.p.A. 
Barcelona: KME Ibertubos S.A.U.»         HME Ibertubos S.A.U.


Founded in 1989, the Hailiang Group is today one of the largest family-owned Chinese companies, ranked 109th among the top 500 companies in China. Hailiang is one of the world leaders in the market for copper, copper alloy tubes and semi-finished brass products. With the integration of the European plants of KME SE, the Hailiang subsidiary Zhejiang Hailiang now has production facilities in important markets such as China, Southeast Asia, the USA and Europe. The company now employs 8,200 people worldwide in the production and sale of semi-finished and finished products. The Hailiang Group has also successfully established itself in other business segments such as education, agriculture, health care and construction and employs a total of 21,900 people worldwide.


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